October 24, 2006

Keep Your Game In Shape This Winter

Just about the time we start playing decent it’s time
to put the clubs away for the season! It’s always the same
year after year. Then when spring arrives we pull out the
old sticks, blow the dust off and head to the range to try
and re-capture that “magic” we had last fall. It takes ALL
summer to get back in the groove and just when we think we
have “it”, whammo it’s time to stop again!

Now if you live in a warm climate year around then this
doesn’t affect you nearly as much. I remember when I worked
in Denver, and Denver is a sports nut town, players would
stay out until midnight hitting balls. A few years back
when Colorado had one of the worst economies in the country,
the courses and practice facilities were filled! But
as soon as the Broncos started playing poof, the old
clubs went back in the garage.

Well here’s the good news, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

Except for the putter you won’t even need a club to stay in
“playing shape” during the “off-season”. Here’s what
you’ll need to stay sharp, learn clubface, clubhead, and
clubshaft control.

1. (2) 48″ 3/8 around dowels
2. (2) Rackets - tennis or badminton
3. (1) Flashlight or pocket laser

Use the dowels to establish your right and left “Flying
Wedge” alignments.
The rackets are for learning left wrist and clubface
And the lights are for learning how to trace a straight
plane line.

If all of this sounds like “greek” to you then visit ourforum for more
details on how these work.

Remember, it’s your choice. Practice these drills and stay
in playing shape or continue doing the same thing. Albert
Einstein once said,

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and
over again and expecting a different result.”

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