March 30, 2006

Track Your Golf Game

Having fun and enjoying every round of golf is important to every golfer Golfer. It also seems a golfers enjoyment level goes up as his or her score goes down. Naturally, the better you play the more you’re going to enjoy the game. And since the majority of players play in a reactive process we soon fall into loads of “poor habits.”

The challenge is to help you become the best golfer you can be. By tracking your game you soon recognize what areas of your game where the most improvement is needed and what YOUR tendencies are.

Another challenge is to retain what you learn. It doesn’t do any good to hit a great tee shot if you miss every green and three putt every hole! You NEED to learn how to become a complete player and master every shot and every club in your bag.

This doesn’t mean you have to hit range every day, it just means you have to learn how to replace bad habits with proper ones.

If you want to seriously want to improve your game, take the time to track every shot, analyze and record every round of you play. There is no way to improve if you cannot measure what you are doing and putting forth some effort!

Once you fully understand the weaknesses in your game then you can start working on solutions to improve those areas. Just saying, “I can’t hit my woods,” doesn’t help you at all. There IS a reason WHY you can’t hit your woods. Once you understand the reason, then you can correct it.

The only way to really improve your game is through specific collection of data which leads to specific practice. Just going to the range and hitting a bucket or two of balls isn’t going to change the way you play . This only re-inforces bad habits!

Practice DOES NOT make perfect - only permanent…PERFECT practice makes perfect!

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