April 12, 2006

The Alternate Target Line

chuck evans In golf we have a target line and an alternate target line. Every player knows what the first one is but there are onyl a handful that know about the second.

You see, the clubhead is only on the target line at two points during the shot, 1. At Address and 2. At Low Point - other than that the club should be traveling along the Alternate Line. This line comes from inside the base of the plane and goes from in to out until it meets the target line at Low Point where the two combine.

This concept it very difficult to describe in a medium like this but once you’ve seen it in person it becomes crystal clear and you’ll wonder, why weren’t you taught this before.

If players would focus strictly on this ATL golf would be SO much easier! To see how this works visit our Forum Forum.

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[…] And one other small note - I grew up cutting my baby golf teeth on the Black Course at Bethpage and a new friend (who also knows David) has a wonderful Golf Blog and deserves a mention from me today also. So, meet Chuck Evans! […]

April 15, 2006

Admin said:

Hey Mark,

Thanks for stopping by! We haven’t made it to Bethpage yet but will be coming to NY later this year with our traveling schools. Hope to see you


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