March 28, 2006

Sally Kelley

Sally and I spent the better part of two years together each and everyday working on getting the 7th edition ready. After my “mission” was completed we were ready for publication but Sally didn’t have the necessary funds the publisher wanted to make all the changes so it shelved.

During this time, we talked, laughed, went to dinner, breakfast, lunch, out to the range, movies and just hung out together. We became very close and we shared lots of moments reflecting on life, faith, Homer’s work and the future of the book.

Sally was a woman of faith and very blessed but as a Christian Scientist she refused to go to the doctor. Dentists, fine, doctor’s NO!

As we worked side by side fulfilling book orders, answering questions for those who called in - and those calls were daily - I was amazed at how strong and quick-minded she was. Heck I know people half her age that aren’t that strong mentally!

As we traveled to Hawaii to meet with prospective buyers for TGM we went to the course one day with them and played golf. Now Sally had never driven a cart so when I said, “why don’t you drive” her face let up like a little kid at Christmas!

Toward the end of the round the guys were having trouble maintaining # 3 Pressure Point in the stroke so I asked Sally if she would show them what Homer had showed her many years ago.

There was a ditch running through the fairway about 90 yards from us and the guys had dumped their shots into that ditch.

I handed Sally a club - 7 iron - and told her, “just do what Homer taught you.” She had not hit a ball in many years but she was up for challenge!

She took a swing and knocked the ball OVER the ditch! One of the guys asked her what she had thought about and she replied, “Just drive #3 pressure point down and through the ball.”

There are many stories like this one and I will not only miss but weep for my friend and spiritual mentor. Sally lived a long life and passed without pain or suffering but now she is free of these earthly bonds and is going to be with us in the Kingdom of God for eternity where there is no pain, no suffering, but all forgiving.

When I get to Seattle for the funeral I won’t be saying goodbye to someone I love very much but rather I will say to her - see you soon Sally be ready to play again!

Sally, I love you.


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