Golf Instruction Workshops

Here are the basic topics covered in my three day workshops Workshops.

Day 1 - Subjects Covered

Introduction to the game
Pattern Development
Right Arm or Left
Approaching The Game
Primary Concepts
The Hinge Action
Angular Motion
Inclined Plane
21 points every must have
Statement of Principle
Introduction to Mechanics
Trajectory Control
Force Vectors
Directional Vectors
Impact Physics
Conservation of Momentum
Physics of Rotation - Plane of Motion
Basic PLanes & Hinging - Hinge Motion
Angular Motion - Shoulder Motions

Day 2 - Subjects Covered

Impact Alignments
Visual Equivalents
Generation of Angular Motion
Application of Force
Energy - Potential & Kinetic
Basic Power
Power Regulation
Body Power
Geometry of the Circle
Clubhead Line of Flight
Lever Extension
The Wristcock
Component Translation
Translation of Instruction
Practicing and Playing
Setting Up
The Address Routine
Adjustment Check List
Wrist Positions - Three Basic Wrist Motions
Release Motions
Wrist Position Combinations

Day 3 - Subjects Covered

The Power Package
Lever Assemblies
Power Accumulation
The Four Power Accumulators
Power Loading
Power Storage
Power Delivery
Power Package Release
24 Components
Twelve Sections

And THAT is just the tip of the iceberg! For more information visit Chuck Evans

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