Golf Instruction That Works

IMAGINE – Learning:

* How to use your Left Wrist to control The clubFACE
* How to use your Right Hand to control The clubHEAD
* How to use the “Magic of your Right Forearm” to control The clubSHAFT

From The Address…To The Top…And Through To The Finish…On Every Swing For The Rest Of Your Life!

The information you’ve been seeking is available NOW!

You are given the critical details you MUST have in order to get past “the basics” and really move to the next level. Basics alone are simply not enough: demanding that instruction is simple only makes it incomplete and ineffective.

Week after week people contact us that FINALLY THE LIGHTS WENT ON when they got an understanding of what to do with the club to ‘make it work correctly!’ You learn by understanding and applying Scientific Principles, NOT by some convoluted swing theory or “swing of the future”!

Our goal is to make sure that you totally understand and receive the correct instruction for YOU so that you can become your own teacher and coach for the rest of your life!

We want you to have an understanding, a true knowledge of what you are doing, what the adjustments need to be for better ball striking, a comprehensive KNOWLEDGE of WHY you do what you do, what causes faults, what to do to fix them - not because your playing partner says ‘do this,’ but because you yourself will know cause and effect, and you will have to “fix” yourself from time to time.

From now on, you will be in charge of the quality of your game: lack of knowledge will no longer be an excuse, and this applies no matter whether you are a beginner, Tour Player, or somewhere in between (every single one of our players leave with a total understanding of their golf game).

Take a look at this video on bunker play to help your game - this is just a sample of what’s in our video Video vault located in our Forum Forum.

For complete details, and to schedule your camp dates call - 1.800.732.4995

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