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Evans Golf Group is pleased to announce the merger of two golf companies’, and Medicus. From this day forth we will be called Medicus Golf Institute. Institute will operate under the company Technologies.

Medicus Golf Institute

Randy and I would like to thank all who have been supportive in our ventures over the last 6 years. Our goal has always been to aid so that they may derive great pleasure in this great game we speak so much about. We must admit that we’ve had more fun than our members. We would like to assure our membership that what we are announcing today will not change these goals but rather enhance our efforts to

Medicus has long been known for their game improvement and programs so with this we now have two power houses coming together to form a company that combines both and to enhance, and

I am sure that many of you will have questions of how this may affect our forum Forum and website. We will be happy to answer the best we can at this point and time but please realize we cannot give away the store in what is going to be hitting the market place. I will provide some potential answers to questions below

At some point in the next few weeks you will click to look at the forum and website at which time you will land upon the new website.

There will be several new product lines and programs available which we will make available to our Premium Members. In other words Premium Members will have access via a grand-father rule. Premium Members, be assured that we WILL take care of you. At some point we will be locking and closing forum memberships so…..

We will be announcing new locations for so we can provide more opportunities for our students to attend our World Class and .

Over the next several weeks we will be making several updates to keep our membership informed with events and timetables.

We look forward to the future and we hope you share growing with us.

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