Have You Ever Wondered How You Could Become A Professional Golf Instructor?

Have You Ever Wondered How You Could Become A Professional Instructor?

There is a large worldwide market starving for qualified Instructors. The majority of golfers today that take lessons DO NOT GET ANY BETTER! Why? I’m glad you asked. Very simply they are getting, for the most part, incorrect information.

It’s not the Instructors fault, they are teaching what they were taught and that information has been handed down from Instructor to Instructor year after year. If you want to be a part of the re-education of the world then you will need the CORRECT INFORMATION!

Read this article:

A poll confirms the long-held belief that adults have a strong dislike for their job and would prefer to make less income to be able to do something they really enjoy.

Eighty-three percent of adults over 30 also say there is no such thing as job security.

With companies downsizing the workforce all around the world workers are now faced with decisions. Do they go back into the field they hate just to make a living or do they stand up and chase their dream of doing what THEY want to do.

More and more workers are looking to get out of the corporate grind, take early retirement, and change careers then ever before.

Read more for information on how you can become a Certified Instructor and to see a sample of our curriculum……

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