October 27, 2005

Forums - Are They All Equal?

Chuck Evans

We have had golf forums on our websites for almost 5 years now. As one of the early pioneers in promoting forums we have had a ton of experiences in using them to share our message with players from around the world.

Most people are extremely grateful to have a “ forum” to discuss their game, share their experiences, and voice their opinions - and usually in a very positive manner.

There are those however that NEVER have anything positive to say about…..well, ANYTHING! For some people, no matter what you give them, it isn’t enough. Others see golf forums as a place to spam, bitch about everything under the sun, and insert links to competitors sites or products.

Fortunately, we have had to ban very few from our forums and as a result have a great membership that, for the most part, is very appreciative for the information we provide. Our members are some of the best on the internet and openly share with others.

We thank all of our members and will continue to provide them with the content they ask for and deserve.

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October 26, 2005

Golf Training Aids - Good or Bad?

Chuck Evans

There are thousands of Golf Training Aids in the marketplace today. We receive dozens each year for evaluation and to be truthful - most are junk!

In reality there are MAYBE a dozen or so that ACTUALLY work and do WHAT the inventors ( manufacturers) say the do.

Some of our criteria in these valuations follow:

1. Does it do what it is “hyped” to do?
2. Does it require a degree in “rocket science” to figure out how it works?
3. Does it provide valuable feedback to the player?

The first we do when doing an evaluation is to put it on video Video tape to see how it effects the players motion or problem. If it passes this first test then we move on to having players of different skill levels and handicaps use it while filming them.

We then get feedback from the players testing the device about how it feels, looks, ease of use, and most importantly did it change something in the golf swing.

The final phase the product must pass through is how does it effect the flat left wrist, the clubhead lag feel, or the straight plane line. We call these the Three Imperatives and ALL training aids Training Aids must positively effect one of these. If it doesn’t we don’t recommend it.

Got a training aid that you’d like us to evaluate? Just drop us a note and we’ll arrange to set up the testing.

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Jay Haas won his second Champions Tour title in three weeks, shooting a second straight 5-under 66 on Sunday for a two-stroke victory over Tom Purtzer at the SBC Championship.

Haas finished at 14-under 199 and won for the second time in his career at Oak Hills Country Club, site of his Valero Texas Open victory in 1993, one of nine PGA TOUR PGA Tour wins….read more

Jay Haas

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Players dream about winning their first PGA TOUR PGA Tour event in many ways. Perhaps it is strolling up to the 18th hole with the crowd cheering in their ear. Maybe it’s make a clutch 10-footer on the final green to secure the victory.

Glover, 26, holed an improbable 100-foot bunker shot on the 18th green Sunday at the Magnolia course to capture the FUNAI Classic at the WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort….read more

Lucas Glover

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October 22, 2005

Tour Stats For The Past 20 Years

Tour Stats for last 20 years
Driving: Distance
YEAR Distance Player
1985 278.2 Andy Bean
1995 289.0 John Daly
2005 319.9 Scott Hend
Driving Accuracy:
YEAR % in Fairway Player
1985 80.6 Calvin Peete
1995 81.3 Fred Funk
2005 76.5 Jeff Hart
Iron Play: Greens in Regulation
YEAR Accuracy Player
1985 71.9 John Mahaffey
1995 72.3 Lennie Clements
2005 71.9 Sergio Garcia
Putting:Putts Per Round
YEAR Number Player
1985 28.63 Bobby Clampett
1995 28.02 Jim Furyk
2005 27.90 Steve Stricker
Scoring Average
YEAR Average Player
1985 70.36 Don Pooley
1995 69.06 Greg Norman
2005 68.57 Tiger Woods
Longest Drive - (stats were not kept prior to 1992)
YEAR Distance Player
1995 385 Tom Kite
2005 442 D.A. Points

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